Our Internship program serves as a valuable window into a working artist’s studio-life and presents the potential for lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between students and artists. Students are connected with member artists for individualized mentorship. 

Intern Claire Peterson at Leah Kohlenberg's studio
Intern Claire Peterson at Leah Kohlenberg’s studio

In celebration of Portland Open Studios 20th year, we are inviting our interns to show their work along side their mentor during the Open Studio tour!

Students will be paired with professional artists to develop concepts, create 2D or 3D artwork, write an artist statement, label, price and show their work.  They will go through all the steps that professional artists go through to produce a show. In turn, they will assist their mentor leading up to the tour, as well as during the tour.

Dennis Meiners with intern Tony Criado
Dennis Meiners with intern Tony Criado

Mentors and interns develop a working relationship that has long-term potential. Having positive role models and personal references are highly beneficial for college applications and entering the workforce.A great opportunity for students to show their work outside of school.  Mentors and Interns are required to meet at least 10 hours leading up to the open studio tour between June and October.

Interns are expected to assist their mentors at a minimum of 4 hours during the tour dates.  This is a non-paid internship. In some cases, instructors have offered extra credit.

Xenia, An Intern, Painting in an Artist's Studio
Xenia, An Intern, Painting in an Artist’s Studio

We look forward to welcoming our creative youth to the Portland Open Studios community!

Educational Internship

High School Juniors and Seniors are welcome to apply to be mentored by a participating local artist.

Program begins June 11 and work with artists through October 21, 2018.

Interns are expected to assist their mentor a minimum of 4 hours during the Tour dates.

Artist mentors work with their interns to develop short and long term goals and specific objectives for the internship.

Our intern applications are still open. 

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Education Program Director


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Supporting Art for Schools

We believe that The Arts are a vital part of education. 

Please contact education@portlandopenstudios.com if you or your business would like to sponsor this program.

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